Starline Busway & Raceway

A flexible “build as needed” electrical distribution system that allows the addition or removal of electrical circuits without incurring downtime or being exposed to live parts. Starline Plug-in Raceway is a wall mounted version allowing receptacles to be added or removed easily.

PDU Cables

Reliable and fast provider of UL Listed power distribution cables for raised floor data centers. Air Guard Cable Seals provide an inexpensive and effective dam to prevent the loss of cooling through cable penetrations.

Mitsubishi Electric

The leader in UPS Product Quality and Reliability. Trouble-free operation and highly efficient, extremely reliable UPS Systems.


This battery monitoring system provides on-line, consistent, and regular testing of the battery systems that support mission critical UPS Systems. Daily status reports and immediate alerts of alarm conditions are provided.

Piller Power Systems

Premium power solutions that are an excellent choice when supporting dynamic electrical loads where a robust, low impedance, uninterruptible, electrical source is essential.


The technology for 30 years in custom designed, mission critical, Static Transfer Switches (STSs) and data center electrical products such as Power Distribution Units (PDUs) and Remote Power Panels (RPPs).

As a facility manager, I have to worry about a lot of things. Since I installed an EDI Power Services solution, electrical power is no longer a concern of mine.Southwest Ohio Facility Manager

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