EDI’s Power Quality Presentations are designed with the purpose of providing education, and are a forum for persons involved with or interested in the design of mission critical power systems. All EDI Power Services Seminars are of the highest quality, and provide continuing education on pertinent industry topics. Certificates are provided for most of our seminars.

Data Center Power

  • Review of Data Center Power System Designs.
  • Developments in technology allowing higher efficiency “green” designs.
  • Affect of leading Power Factor with the latest computer server technologies.
  • Proper application of Dual Corded Computer Systems.
  • Importance of new Arc Flash Code requirements in a Data Center.

Power Quality in a Modern Hospital

The changes in the Hospital Environment that is creating power quality needs throughout the Hospital.

  • Design engineering concepts that eliminate all power quality problems.
  • Campus-Wide Power Protection Concepts.
  • Review of real world applications with existing Hospitals.
  • “Lessons Learned” in applying building-wide solutions.
  • Proper Coordination with Hospital Codes incorporating clean power electrical systems.

As a facility manager, I have to worry about a lot of things. Since I installed an EDI Power Services solution, electrical power is no longer a concern of mine.Southwest Ohio Facility Manager

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