Over 20 Years of Customer Satisfaction

What We Do

All businesses depend on electrical power to do what they do. Unfortunately problems with that power affect all businesses. We help companies declare independence from their electrical supplier, providing them the freedom without the worry and frustration of unpredictable electrical power. We keep the electricity on when it is off everywhere else.

How We Do It

We provide electrical power quality equipment such as uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems, static transfer switches, surge suppressors, flywheels, batteries and battery monitoring systems. Additionally, we distribute clean power with power distributions units, overhead busway and under floor cabling.

Partner Support

We protect your freedom. Once you have achieved independence with one of our engineered solutions, we are your partner for life ensuring that your freedom is maintained. We offer preventative maintenance solutions & support as well as hands-on and classroom training. We exceed your expectations through honest ‘no surprises’ business behavior.

As a facility manager, I have to worry about a lot of things. Since I installed an EDI Power Services solution, electrical power is no longer a concern of mine.Southwest Ohio Facility Manager

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